CPT Graduate testimonials:

David J.
My experience of this class has been wonderful. I’ve met a lot of good people that really care about the industry. The instructor and staff were very polite and friendly. They went the extra mile trying to help me.

Angel V.
I felt really great through these 8 weeks, learns lots of information needed to become personal trainer, to feel secure also when I approach someone in this business industry. Thank you to the instructor and the team at WFA for making this happen.

Sandra N.
I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity to tell my experience at WFA. The program was amazing! It will change my life with all of the information and knowledge about all of the topics that I had a chance to learn from the amazing teacher. I’m sure I will continue to study and be able to help so many people in this world! Thank you to all of you. You all are very professional and friendly I loved it!

John A.
I fully enjoyed my experience here at the WFA. The teachers made everything fun and easy. It was a great learning experience here.

Sandra N.
I’m very grateful with everything and I learned so much with all the classes. Very professional and enjoyable! I’m sure I have to keep going and study a lot more. I have been taught so much here and I will continue to practice as well. I’ll recommend this course to anyone. Thank you so much to all of the people that work here at WFA. They are so kind and professional. Thank you all!

Sam H.
I had a great experience here. The class was taught hands on and through the manual. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Everyone was very friendly and the teacher was very knowledgeable.

Patrick S.
This course was really good. I learned a lot and I feel that I’m ready to teach others.

Victor P.
My experience at WFA was really good I really enjoyed the classroom setting and hands on training and practice that I received. Both of those features I believe will really help me when I actually get into the field.

Jenie Y.
I feel great! I learned a lot. I worked out almost my whole life and I thought I knew a lot but actually not at all. I would recommend you guys. My instructor was great. He taught me more than I expected. I am very happy.

Sean P.
This was a great course. It was fun and exciting. I looked forward to coming here every Monday and Wednesday. It really has prepared me for a career in personal training. I will highly recommend it to anyone pursuing a career in personal training.

Adam B.
I am grateful at the chance to be a part of the WFA program. I have already recommended this course to my friends. I’m excited to take my certificate and apply it to the fitness world.

Alex S.
Definitely the best school in South Florida. Everyone was very helpful and professional made me feel very confident about my new career as a personal trainer. Thank you All!

Stephanie C.
Material was easy to understand course work and instructions were clear, knew exactly what to study, learned a lot and enjoyed my experience.

Josie S.
Great! Overall I think it was a really good course, the instructor was awesome and explained everything until we understood it. Course information was all very helpful and the manual was really well put together! I can’t think of anything negative about the course.

Silvana L.
Amazing! Still hungry to learn more.

Kendra O.
This course can’t get any better is already it’s perfect! I appreciate the flexibility shown towards to my schedule. You guys are awesome!

Fred M.
My experience at WFA was great! Staff was friendly and helpful.

Cedrick N.
Overall the best experience I’ve had in a classroom, the instructor was very good. At first I thought it would have been all about exercise and the business side of it. But it was much greater than I anticipated. First of all the staff is really great from front desk to instructors. Classroom and everything else was always well prepared. The book is very informative I will be using this book for a very long time. The instructor was amazing, never failed to explain everything until you understood it. What I also loved about the class was the fact that I was never bored, although sometimes I wanted a break from the hard work out, but the instructor found a way to make it pleasant. I learned a lot of things that I was not aware of. For instance proper form/posture proper breathing patterns and how to master a few exercise. I was always ready to go to class and I always wanted to know more and always intrigued. Now that it’s over I want to know and more. I am definitely going to come back for my master and there is no other school that I’d love to do it with! WFA is awesome!

Markus W.
I am very pleased with my return experience to WFA. I will definitely enroll in more courses in the future. The staff is friendly and professional leaving a positive experience in my mind.

Matthew P.
Great experience! I feel very confident coming out of this course. I want to take more courses here to gain more credits and learn all I can! Thank you for a great experience!

Aaron B.
WFA was a really awesome experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable and did a great job helping the classroom.

Kristi R.
I really enjoyed the course, it was really informational. Everyone was friendly and helpful with any questions.

Andrew H.
My experience through this course was amazing! The instructor really knows how to make learning fun and yet very effective. I felt absolutely prepared every step of the way.

Frank V.
Nice small classes very friendly and informative instructors clean studio and family atmosphere.

Billy R.
The overall experience was awesome. All of the instructors were great! I learned so much. I got the “most improved award” according to one of the instructors. I would totally recommend this program to my friends!

Evan K.
Actually feel great and has given me the confidence in myself that I needed to move forward in helping others live and stay healthy.

James R.
I enjoyed my experience. I learned a lot during the course. The knowledge I gained prior to the course can be effectively used. Being someone who works out consistently, I now can provide the same results I’ve provided myself.

Consuelo E.
This is a very well planned out course. Staff is friendly and helpful. I learned a lot, couldn’t ask for more.

Tanya R.
I really enjoyed the class. The instructor was very informative and knowledgeable . The course was organized well. I would like to have had more exercises and technique taught. I realize that time is limited but maybe having a half hour more at the end of class to train and be taught technique would be helpful.

Sarah D.
I had fun! The class was a perfect size and very knowledgeable. I think it’s perfect to learn the basics of personal training.


Victoria H.

As a long time student with this program (thank you for all of your help with my crazy schedule) I was fortunate enough to get to meet all of the instructors and I am extremely satisfied with the personality and method of teaching for each and everyone! You all have a different way of teaching but all very knowledgeable and motivating! Thank you to everyone at WFA! If I fail this is not for lack of your help! Thanks so so much!

Michael S.

I learned more than I expected to learn and I feel prepared to assume an entry-level trainer position at a gym.

Liza P.

Great experience. Everyone was helpful and accommodating. Instructor was very knowledgeable and able to provide applicable experiences to assist.

Shelby A.

I loved it, it was very easy to keep up with and the information was taught very well.

Anthony P.

Great class and even better program!

Valerio M.

Everything I’ve learned here opened my visual in the fitness world. What I’ve learned here is going to helpful in my future of personal training. I want to say thanks to all the staff of WFA for giving me great professional service and always being friendly and understanding.

Darryl P.

This course is great! They provide a hands-on experience that one can and will use working as a personal trainer. I learned a lot from the course instructor and also the material being presented in the manual. The main reason I came to WFA is because of the classroom style setting where you can ask questions and be engaged in what’s going on. The instructor allows time for questions which helps you retain the information being learned. Great course!

Nicholas F.

I really enjoyed coming to class and learned a lot about how to be a successful and knowledgeable personal trainer. The instructor was excellent and really made the course enjoyable and exciting to come to each week. The hands on training made pursuing my personal training certification an excellent experience and something I would recommend to anyone looking to gain knowledge in the fitness industry. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Aaron K.

I truly enjoyed my experience with this course. The information was delivered in a way that really clicked for me and made it easy to apply. The instructor really was able to navigate through a lot of material in a short amount of time yet still gave me quality instruction. All my questions were answered in a way that registered with me and the instructor always made himself available when I needed extra help. I am glad I chose this course and will stay in touch with the WFA family.

John S.

Easily the best hands on experience money can buy. The instructor made the days worth looking forward to.

Kyle C.

It was a great experience. The instructor was kind and helpful. The best part about the experience at WFA is the hands on method which prepares you in the best way possible for the real world of personal training.

Davis A.

Had a great experience and look forward to furthering my training and experience with WFA.

Gavin F.

I loved it, if you want hands on, this is the place to be.

Kevin N.

This experience was so great for me. It helps me prepare, understand, and be confident as upcoming personal trainer. I have done exercises that I never knew existed such as exercises that include the medicine ball, resistance bands, and the stability ball. This program taught me about the right foods to eat and now I know exactly what to get when I go grocery shopping as well. The instructor did an awesome job conveying the information and helping us understand what fitness was all about. I’m glad I made the choice to get certified with World Fitness Association.

Jeremy W.

I feel a lot more confident about being a personal trainer. Before I took this course, I felt like I knew a good amount of information, but now I feel as if I have a lot more knowledge in the field. I’m glad I was able to participate.

Melissa C.

I truly believe after many failed attempts at online training courses that WFA has provided me with an amazing atmosphere and education in the field of personal training. For those seeking a career in personal training, WFA provides an educated, well informed and hands on program that has not only taught me new things, but has also corrected bad habits and given me the tools to execute a proper training session with potential clients. I have learned a lot and this course has opened a whole new avenue of possibilities for not only workouts but potential career paths as well. The instructor was excellent in his execution of this course and I’m excited to start my personal training career.

Chris S.

It was a great experience. WFA has a very professional staff and they know what they are teaching, I recommend WFA to anyone.

Earl J.

My experience at WFA was really great. I felt the instructor was very helpful answering all of my questions from Day 1with not only factual information but real life examples. The staff in Administration and Front Desk always remembered my name which was really cool. The owner gave me a lot of great advice in the initial consultation. I think based on my performance in this course it has inspired me to go on to the Master Course when I get the financing together. The class was always very upbeat and positive, never incurring a problem with another student or member of staff. The quality of the facility is awesome. Everything from the book to equipment we used was brand new. If any other company started a business similar to this I’m sure they could use WFA as a model to build from successfully. I’m excited in anticipation for starting the master certification program to add to my resume. Look forward to seeing everyone really soon.

Kevin M.

The course was very well organized. The instructor was great and had a great deal of knowledge in the field. This is a much more efficient way to become certified in personal training. The hands on experience that you gain from this course cannot be replicated by any online certification. I would recommend anybody who wants to become a trainer to take this course and really learn the ins and outs of personal training. The staff is all very helpful and kind and always available if in need of assistance.

Randy F.

The program is great! My instructor was very precise in teaching his material and his workouts. Not only is the program very good, but most of all fun. The program is not just like a class in a regular school but it is also a place to make a trainer succeed in a generation of fitness.

Jill M.

I was pleased with the overall experience. Nice classroom setting and nice small classes which made it more personal. Intimidating Instructors!

Jonathon P.

I loved it the instructor was cut and dry just the way I like it. He brings real world value to the table. He was always trying to give us an extra detail, an extra fact, or an experience he experienced while training. The staff is extremely friendly and will bend over backwards to help you. The employees at the front desk always greeted me by name and smiled. They truly care to help you achieve. Price is irrelevant when you have people dedicated to help you achieve your goals. The people know their stuff!

Jovan M.

My overall experience here at WFA was great. I was able to learn a lot and I feel as if I’m more than ready to become a certified personal trainer. I want to thank the staff at WFA for their outstanding work and I most definitely will be referring others to this facility.

Amanda A.

Overall extremely pleased with WFA. I tried online courses before this class and I was unsuccessful at retaining the information. This class truly helped me prepare and feel more confident entering the personal training industry as a professional and knowledgeable trainer. Further, the instructor was very pleasant educated and organized. I felt it was very easy to relate which definitely helped my success in the class. Thank you all at WFA!!!

Ricka B.

Overall I feel great and happy that I came here. The instructor was very helpful and made you feel free to ask any questions. I am very thankful that I took this class!

Mike M.

Overall it was very beneficial and full of information. The instructor was great and had a ton of knowledge. He makes class fun and exciting!

Ovidio G.

I am really satisfied with the program! Due to my work and busy life I probably didn’t read the whole material at home as I should but definitely every class was taught in a very clear way by my instructor. He is an excellent teacher and I definitely would recommend this course to someone else.

Jonathon G.

I had a blast learning. I left here after class feeling informed and energized with knowledge.

Tanya T.

I really like it. I think it’s a great place to start with. I wish the class was longer.

Danny M.

I learned a lot and enjoyed myself very much.

Melina V.

Very satisfied with the program, staff and teacher were very helpful sand professional. I learned a lot with the instructor and being in a classroom setting, things I probably wouldn’t have learned on an online course. I am very happy and will definitely be back for some of the workshops.

Rachel D.

My overall experience with WFA was great! I learned so much and will now be successful in my career as a group fitness trainer.

Jean Pierre C.

I’m more than happy with the overall experience. The instructor was great and very knowledgeable. I feel that I’ve learned a lot from taking this course, it definitely exceeded my expectations.


It was a great experience learning and applying techniques. Instructor is a wealth of information in the industry and able to provide up to date information and what to expect as a PT. Looking forward to on-going classes w/ WFA to continue building my knowledge in the fitness industry

-Dominique F.

I feel like the overall course taught me the starting point to becoming a trainer. I really feel motivated to continue and go on to workshops for further education and knowledge because of this course. It was fun, Marc was a great instructor for this and I would even do it all over again.

-Alexandria W.

Overall, my experience at WFA was wonderful. Receiving the hands on instruction with my peers and guests has given me the confidence to take on one-on –one clients and small groups of clients right away. Roy is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The material was useful and will be easy to apply when out in the “real world”! Thank you!

-Stephanie S.

Overall, I had an absolutely great experience at WFA. I had a good baseline knowledge of anatomy coming into the program but it really helped me learn a lot about nutrition and different ways of progressing and modifying exercises. Roy was very attentive to any questions that anybody had and was able to answer them in a way that the whole class would understand. I would definitely recommend the course to someone who was looking to become a personal trainer in the future.

-Michael W.

Best class/course I have ever taken. Learned so much and also changed a wide variety of working out strategies ,techniques, guidelines…I strongly recommend taking WFA for your CPT. You won’t be sorry. The staff is friendly and amazing… The list will go on!

-Josh F.

Overall, my experience has been great. Everybody here has been very nice and professional. The courses I’ve taken I’ve learned a lot in. I prefer hands on learning & I am happy I chose WFA. I’ll continue to take more courses to further my education here.

-Robert E.

Very informational. Awesome staff. Shawn is very professional and very educated. I will recommend this course to my friends.

-Bryson B.

It was a great and very and very effective course with the hands on learning tools and material that gave me enough knowledge and confidence. To start being a personal trainer I also liked the clarity and straightforward curriculum. The instructor Shawn was very knowledgeable and helpful with personal scenarios and experience. The director Nick and staff are always courteous and professional. Thank you!

-Najova M.

Loved this program, everything was taught clear with understanding. I feel much more prepared for my fitness career after taking this program.

-Lexus K.

Keep up good work. All staff friendly, encouraging and well educated.

-Jim H.

I had a wonderful experience. The staff are friendly and helpful. I do believe upon completion of the CPT course I am prepared to assist others in their personal fitness goals. I enjoyed the energy of the classes. I never knew what to expect each class: not just sitting and reading. I appreciated having a well trained and experienced instructor.

-Tina S.

I loved it. It worked with my schedule very well. The instructor was very knowledgeable. They were very engaging with the class. Made learning very attentive. It made us think about next world applications & scenarios about do’s and don’t’s. Everything we learned was in the 4 quizzes that we took before class but it was embedded into our heads so we can apply it to our way of training immediately. A good way to get us going. Both great experience & advice. I appreciate the opportunity to actually be engaged in a classroom unlike studying and taking an ACE/ISSA exam which was a possible chance of me failing the first time. It actually was more helpful to learn from an experienced & wise PT instructor.

-Samuel L.

I personally had an amazing experience at WFA. I looked forward to coming to class to learn more and feel more confident in the fitness industry. I leave this course knowing I have all the essential skills to train future clients. Giving clients all that I have gained is super exciting as I move on to my next chapter in life. Thank You!

-Sarah F.

The overall experience was amazing. I love everything about this course, couldn’t ask for better. The hands on experience make me feel comfortable to be able to train someone knowing the do’s and don’t’s. The instructors are helpful, kind and great. I love the whole staff.

-McKendy P.

I believe this is a great starting point for my fitness business. All information was great & useful. World Fitness will be my first choice to further my education of fitness and health.

-Norris C.

Great experience, great staff and instructors, all very helpful throughout the process.

-Myles G.

CPT Weekend Workshops – 2016

David D.

I felt very well. It was a great time class and outside in the workout exercise. The instructor was awesome teaching and provided enough information and equipment for all of the exercises. I learned a lot of new information on nutrition and the muscles in the body.

Jose D.

The instructor was great at instructing the class. Very clear explanation of the material. The course was very interesting and exciting. The hands-on experience was the best! Performing the exercise was a plus. I was sweating during the exercises. Overall very fun and learned a lot of new material! Really glad I made the decision to join.

Christian D.

I like the atmosphere and the fact that it is in a real gym setting.

Jairus W.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I consider myself intermediate-advance. I learned so much that I wish to implement in every session. This course was above my expectation.

Jean P.

To be honest I loved it….great people, great environment, learned so much. Great choice..I recommend it highly to take this course. 5 STARS GOD BLESS THIS SCHOOL. You guys are the truth!

Christina V.

Took the program 2 years ago and had a blast. Not much to add except the fact that the instructor was through and fun. The staff is also amazing. I really the experience is still great!

Brian R.

I enjoyed the environment and meeting new and interesting people with the same kinds of interest. I’m glad I decided to take on this course and gain more knowledge for my future. I hope to continue learning and help others gain knowledge by giving them some of the things I learned this weekend!

Tommy M.

I felt very comfortable. I was able to learn and retain a lot of new things. It was very informative and helpful. I will continue to use the WFA manual as long as I train.

Joseph Y.

As a fitness professional for 12 and ½ years I feel the instructor did an incredible job talking/teaching to us instead of at us. I was fully prepared and confident in the written exam. I was fully prepared and confident in the written exam. If I was new in the industry I would feel confident in my ability because of Roy’s method of teaching. I would fully consider working for WFA if they expand. I also would consider taking specialty classes offered by WFA in the future. In conclusion, this was a great experience. Giddy UP!

Jerome P.

I felt the information was really useful and can be applied at any job/gym. I love the hands on learning different techniques with different equipment. The time of the class is very good; not too early and its over not too late. Overall very good class.

CPT Workshop: Tampa, FL – July 2014


“I was very pleased with the class and the training style of the instructor. There is an abundance of CPT training courses online but I prefer the interaction of the classroom. In addition the actual workouts were a surprising bonus. At my age (64) I found no challenges hanging with the group.”

-Charles K.

“I liked this class because of all the hands on training. The instructor was clear explaining everything and made it fun and educational.”

-Josh N.

“These past three days have flown by! I feel that I have learned so much more than initially estimated. This class was interesting, educating, organized, and fun! I only wish we had a few days added to the course, or had longer courses in the area. My instructor was a great teacher! He made everything very easy to understand and had no problem with keeping my attention. Overall I enjoyed my time here and would definitely recommend this course to someone else interested in this career field. It has expanded my interest in anatomy and nutrition. I am looking forward to learning more about this craft of training and eventually adding more certifications to my resume. Thank you LA Fitness for the use of this facility, as it is motivating, clean, non intimidating atmosphere. Also Thank you to my fellow classmates.”

-Victoria M.

“I really enjoyed the course! The instructor was great and had a real passion for fitness and the well being of others. I feel like I learned a lot of new techniques and feel that it improved my knowledge beyond my expectations. I am very excited that I got to be a part of such an awesome experience. I can’t wait to start my career as a personal trainer.”

-Jennifer S.

“I had a very awesome experience; the instructor was very patient with everyone and had so much enthusiasm towards the class in explaining every detail. He also encouraged us, gave everyone the motivation we all needed. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a personal trainer.”

-Justin P.

“When I first signed up for this course, I was skeptical because I didn’t think a 3 day workshop would have enough information to help me become a successful trainer. But now that I have fully completed the course I’ve learned so many terms, workouts, and techniques that I never knew before. The instructor was amazing, he broke everything down so it was easier for everyone to understand. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a personal trainer. Thanks WFA.”

-Kevin L.

“I really enjoyed the flow of material that was presented in the order that it was. The instructor was knowledgeable with course content, relative storytelling to keep the class interesting, kept the class actively involved by pairing up with partners to feel comfortable and acclimated to real job similar situations, also I enjoyed the mutual respective environment. Although the only other slight suggestion is on the first day during lecture, we sat a bit long without doing some form of brief warm up to get through the first part of the day.”

-Israel G.

“The class was great. With the time given you are able to obtain tons of information. Hands on is the best!!!”

-James R.

“I enjoyed this program and if I know anyone interested I will recommend WFA. This was a hands-on program loaded with great helpful information as well as the nutritional information that will change my daily food intake. I was aware of unnatural foods being consumed by our population, but after taking this class I want to and will take an active action in making correct food choices as well as beverages that I love to consume such as red Bull, Boost. Again, this was a great class and I recommend anyone interested to take it.”

-Laurel O.

CPT Workshop: Miami, FL – June 2014


“Our instructors- I recommend them highly for PT Training or Instruction. Very informative. Thank you both.”

-Michael L.

“The overall experience was fun. The instructors were extremely nice and well educated. It was defiantly a long fun and intriguing weekend. Instructors have amazing energy. Very outgoing and positive. I look forward to taking more classes at WFA.”

-Jovana A.

“My overall experience was amazing. Can’t complain about anything. Both instructors were very knowledgeable and had many examples to give.”

-Dorian T.

“Our instructors are excellent and patient teachers. Detailed and tactful. I recommend them to any future person seeking to be a personal trainer.”

-Roy N.

“Great experience! A well done course.”

-Kiefer S.

“This was a great experience. The two PT instructors were knowledgeable, with a lot of experience to pass to us.”

-Rosari Z.

“Loved it. I tried to pass a CPT course on my own. This class with hands on experience I learned a lot more that I retained.”

-Bryan G.

“Excellent attitude from both instructors. Also communication was great.”

-Michael B.

“The 8 hours was crucial but both PT instructors made it fun and informative at the same time. Great duo.”

-Veronique S.

“These guys were excellent.”

-Jonathan J.

“I had a great experience and met some awesome people.”

-Rayehanna S.

CPT Workshop: Atlanta, GA – March 2014


“The instructor was a real cool friendly dude. Had fun learning and receiving knowledge. Hands on training was cool. Learned lots of things. One of the best things was having the information and material printed in a fun and interesting way. It’s a great way to understand the ins and outs to knowing client’s wants and needs to maximize results. Great course.”

-Joshua W.

“Completely satisfied…The instructor was very direct, clear and straight to the point. The material provided by World Fitness was very organized and informal.”

-Jonathan W.

“Love the course. Way better than any online certified personal training course. Lots of useful information and hands on experience. I now feel comfortable to correctly & successfully be a CPT.”

-Vanessa W.

“My overall experience was great. The PT instructor kept us motivated, laughing, and excited about our new certification that we are about to receive. I would recommend this course to anyone showing interest in becoming a PT.”

-Edwin H.

“Your courses and instructors are right on point and they create a comfortable atmosphere. Before I came to L.A. Fitness, I was personally training people without the proper methods, and now I have instructions on how to properly train and interact with my clients even if I don’t become a member of this associated gym.”

-Courtney P.

“Very informal and its actually what I need to move forward in a career as a person trainer.”

-Crystal B.

“It was an awesome experience and our instructor was very knowledgeable. I would recommend the course to others who are interested in a personal training certificate.”

-Nicole B.

“I think the course was very complete. The instructor provided all the tools to become a good personal trainer. I had a great experience in the course. It was fun, educational and practical. I could understand deeply the main responsibilities of a personal trainer. In addition to, the muscles, the body and which exercises that work those muscles effectively. Overall I will recommend this course.”

-Miguel S.

“I had a good background in the fitness field, so for me this was not too hard. I did learn new things that I didn’t know in regards to facts about exercise as well as new workout techniques.”

-Jose M.

“Everything was excellent! Our instructor was a great teacher!!! The office staff and my instructor were excellent.”

-Tommy R.

CPT Workshop: Chicago, IL – January 2014


“The overall experience was very satisfactory. I enjoyed the practical part of the course. It was refreshing to not have my nose in a book , have interaction, and an instructor present to answer questions & bounce ideas off of.”

-John W.

“This course was great hands on training. I came into an unknown world and with our instructors experience and knowledge and charisma I quickly became knowledgeable about the product “myself” in which needed improvement. The information was very clear and helpful to organize and make your own. Overall great experience. Glad I chose this program and I will continue to improve my performance.”

-Michael P.

“I really enjoyed this course a lot. It was a great memory refresher and I learned a few new things.”

-Mike B.

“This course, although short, it was very hands on and informative. I’m glad this workshop exists.”

-Anleiah W.

“It was extremely helpful for me. I have a better understanding in Anatomy.”

-Hanna W.

“Very educated class. Our instructor is an awesome motivator and encouraging teacher. Helped me sharpen my knowledge.”

-Tyrone W.

“I really enjoyed the class in general and the teacher was awesome. Everything was very tangible and clear to understand. We were provided with life experience and examples that was truly top notch. Awesome 5 stars!”

-David M.

“I now know human anatomy, at least the skeletal muscles, much better. I most importantly have an idea of what kind of experience I will have when I start training.”

-Ryan G.

“Loved it ! Wish it was longer.”

-Paul K.

MCPT & CPT Programs: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I am definitely satisfied with the overall experience at WFA. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge that helped me personally. My instructor was very clear about the information she taught and was willing to help with any question I had. I would definitely recommend WFA to anyone interested in entering the fitness industry or becoming a personal trainer.”

-Joel H.

“Very good experience. It’s clean and organized. I received a very good help since the first time on the phone asking for information. Good energy. This program help me a lot to have ideas to put in practice with clients and myself. The instructor was amazing. And it’s a hands-on course.”

-Alejandro O.

“Really enjoyed the experience. Instructor was very professional and provided good and detailed information. I can honestly say I love this program. Was more than enough info to take on the world…lol”

-Brian C.

“They know what they are doing. Awesome course. 1 word… AWESOME!”

-Alex P.

“Course is good for newcomers to the industry.”

-Michael M.

“Happy,very useful. Will come back for the MCPT.”

-Eduardo P.

“Very professional and informative information. Amazing workouts!”

-Diana L.

“The class is a good introductory class & can’t wait to take the MCPT course. My instructor was awesome so is the staff.”

-Rhodnoy S.

“Learned a lot. Worth every penny even if it’s just for the knowledge.”

-Mike D.

“The course was amazing! My gastrocnemius is contracting with excitement. I’ve been training for awhile now and this course has increased my knowledge 75-80%. Some pretty good subject matter.”

-Shaan H.

“Everything was great. My experience at WFA was excellent. Everybody was nice, informative, very knowledgeable. And yes, I would recommend this to more people.”

-Auchetay T.

“I have learned a lot since I have been here. Looking forward to come back. I feel very happy to be here it’s a course experience at World Fitness Association like I said, looking forward to be back.”

-Omar S.

“I had a good experience here. I learned a lot! I was feeling comfortable and the staff is so kind and always cared about me and the group. Thank you for everything!”

-Gabriella D.

“Very informative. I thought it was very good. I thought staff was very helpful.”

-Bryan R.

“I really enjoyed myself and had fun learning. I found everyone very helpful and professional. The team here made the experience becoming a trainer awesome. I definitely would recommend WFA to friends.”

-Diana A.

“I feel I learned a lot from WFA, considering I didn’t have much technical knowledge. WFA will start my career off with confidence in what I learned. The workouts before each class was very informing and challenging. I will come back to WFA for high learning and certification.”

-Damali C.

“Everything was great. Good workouts and proper instruction. Our instructor was really good at teaching the essentials of being a good trainer and having a successful career. All the staff was very helpful with any question I had.”

-Kevin M.

“I loved the experience and my classmates were wonderful. The instructor was informal and extremely helpful. The workouts gave me several ideas on what to do with my training sessions and were overall great.”

-Ednol F.

“It was awesome! Everyone who works there is very nice and helpful. The boot camps were all different and very helpful for new ideas on workouts. My instructor was awesome!”

-Melanie G.

“I had and am still having an overall great experience unlike any other fitness institution I’ve been a part of or heard of. The hands on experience and knowledge is priceless. The trainers and staff are both welcoming and knowledgeable of all aspects of the fitness industry.”

-Rory T.

“I am very pleased with the course, I am only 18 and am pursuing my dream as a professional athlete. Being a certified personal trainer gives me the opportunity to have a flexible schedule and also make money to support myself doing something I love. If it wasn’t for the ad they posted online, I would of never found this amazing opportunity. Thank You WFA!!”

-Cristiano P.

“I feel my overall experience at WFA was very positive. After being out of the field for many years, many things have changed. The instructors are very professional and a great staff. The boot camps were great for hands on information and found I needed some improvements on my own personal level of fitness. I look forward to taking more courses in the future with WFA!”

-John A.

“My experience was absolutely wonderful at WFA. I truly believe that this is one Personal Training program that prepares you physically, mentally and professionally. The trainers and staff are all very knowledgeable and are eager to see every student that comes through the program succeed. I would advise anyone in the south Florida area to experience this program because it’s truly a game changer in the personal trainer industry.”

-Quintis R.

“Keep the good energy around WFA!! It totally exceeded all of my expectations. The instructors and staff were phenomenal throughout my course. The bootcamps were the best part of the course to me. Fun, energetic, creative, informational. The classroom was an 11 out of 10!! It was so easy and enjoyable to learn and it made 2 hours of class feel like 20 minutes. I learned a huge amount of knowledge in which I would be able to pass along in my sessions as a future PT and help people along the way. There are zero negative comments about this institution. The instructor was always clear, energized and passionate about teaching the bootcamp and class. She was very cautious with my injury [abdominal strain]. The Education Director gave a great class about the business aspect and was passionate about it. To the entire staff, GREAT JOB!! I would come back for more classes and programs. Although I live far from here, the drive is totally worth it. Thanks for such learning environment and kindness from all the staff members.”

-Eduardo G.

“Don’t stop educating! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and definitely see you in the future. I came in nervous and hungry to learn and right away was put at ease. It was well met every time and well informed. Study material was adequately hard yet providing with many Aha! moments. I would like to thank the staff for all the tips and info throughout the course. Finally, my instructor, for being a kick-a** instructor and motivator. You made time fly and learning easy and enjoyable. Thanks again for everything and see you soon for the next course.”

-Susan K.

“I came to World Fitness with absolute no idea on how to teach exercise. Upon completion of the 5 week CPT course, not only am I knowledgeable on different exercise techniques, I also know how to make exercises harder for advanced clients or easier for beginner clients. I was educated on the proper ways to fuel the body to optimize workouts. At World Fitness they even cover the business aspects of personal training. The do’s & don’ts, contracts and agreements between trainer and client. So after completing the course I know I have all the tools necessary to become a successful personal trainer.”

-Mildred F.

“Overall I felt the course was awesome. There was great energy involved, and the motivation was beyond good. I got to meet individuals in my class who have helped me throughout this course as well. Every workout & class session was fun as well as exciting. Most of all I am grateful to have found the World Fitness Association website to enroll in this course. Thanks to those who had something to do with my first step into the direction of a life change.”

-Anthony M.

“My overall experience at WFA was great. My classmates were very nice and my instructor was very awesome. He always had an answer for all my questions. I would recommend coming to WFA!!”

-Nicholas L.

“I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to. Being in a friendly and motivating environment has taught me how important it is to be that way and how much more fun exercising can be. Also the WFA training manual is something I will refer to for a long time.”

-Joseph L.

“I love it here. I met some good people and have learned so much info that will help me on my quest of becoming a great personal trainer. Thank you to WFA for everything.”

-Serge N.

“Everybody was really nice and friendly. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. I learned a lot and feel well prepared to start my career as a personal trainer. Also, they were very flexible with the payment plan which is very important in these financial times.”

-Monica L.

“My instructor was professional, personable, attentive and very thorough. The staff was warm, receptive and courteous.”

-Zurek P.

“I had a great experience and I believe WFA gave me the tools to succeed in the fitness industry. I learned a lot more than I expected. I am very satisfied with my experience.”

-Jason T.

“I loved my experience here. I am more of a hands on learner and benefited greatly from this program. If asked about certification I would definitely recommend WFA.”

-Rashad M.

“My instructor was great, and is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I am really happy with WFA.”

-Norbert Q.

“My instructor is an amazing coach, very confident! Amazing info and he really knew how to make things fun. A made some good friend as well. WFA is just one of the best choices I’ve made. I love the hands on way to learn.”

-Rey G.

“Taking this course here was the best course ever. I’ve learned a lot and met a lot of new people. I will definitely send more people to take this course at WFA.”

-Rosemarie A.

“I think it was an excellent choice. I really learned a lot here. This is a very professional place.”

-Jimmy D.

“The experience was great for me and I plan to continue my training with advanced courses. My instructor was clear and knowledgeable about the course and the people were very friendly. The staff was great. Thank You.”

-Timothy B.

“I loved the program. My instructor was awesome, he was realistic and down to earth. The bootcamps were very creative. Personally I never liked that style of training but he used so many different pieces of equipment and circuits I really enjoyed. I learned a bunch of new things I can use with my clients to keep them interested and curious to come to my sessions. The workouts challenged me on a different level, I loved the stability and balancing with the bosu ball, it really takes your own personal fitness to a different level and that will transfer to your clients. The information in the book was easy to understand in a way that you can educate your clients so they understand that you’re trying to give them full overall health. If you’re thinking of joining, it’s definitely a good investment in yourself and your future. You will always be able to use this knowledge for a career or just to have a better, healthier, richer life itself. Thank You WFA!!”

-Vanessa J.

“Well to start off I wanna say this experience was worth my trip to Florida. I thought it was going to be easy meaning the boot camp, but the instructor kicked the class’s but. My experience here was amazing. My eyes have been opened to a whole other side of fitness. I now know there is more to the gym than the weight room. I’m grateful for a great instructor/teacher.”

-Juan A.

“My favorite part about being here was being able to challenge myself. The bootcamps and creative workouts were awesome. This course taught and gave me a lot more knowledge from when I first started. I actually saw more results in my body being part of the program here at WFA.”

-Deborah R.

“Overall I enjoyed my experience here at WFA. The workouts were fun and gave me ideas on what I would do as a personal trainer. The instructor made the class easy to understand. I definitely got the most out of this program.”

-Samantha W.

“I really enjoyed my time. It feels as if I am a part of a family. The people here respect you and really want you to succeed.”

-Din R.

“My experience at WFA was great. The classes and bootcamps were fun. I’ve learned a lot, especially from the hands-on training. I am confident in my ability to be a personal trainer. I recommend this course if you want to quickly become an educated fitness professional.”

-Daniel V.

“I enjoyed all the new and creative workouts that were done throughout the course. I learned how to become more efficient without gym equipment. It helped me figure out my weak areas and what I need to improve on.”

-Edward A.

“It has opened my eyes to my personal level of fitness. Thanks to WFA I see improvements in my workouts and appearance. I’m excited to bring my knowledge to my clients.”

-S’Jon V.

“This course has taught me an incredible amount of information and I am excited to share and perform my knowledge. I am a proud member of WFA and will share with others this amazing experience.”

-Tatiana S.

“WFA was a nice entryway back into the world of training. I am happy to know there are continuing education courses. I am sure I will take advantage of the extra certifications. I hope the school grows and is able to achieve its desired level of success. Keep up the good work.”

– Sebastian C.

“Overall I thought this was a great program. We were able to see a variety of different workouts that helped us be more creative. Our instructor was very engaging and challenged us physically and mentally. I would recommend this course to a friend.”

-Katherine G.

“After beginning this course I became way more confident in my ability as a fitness professional. WFA has been very helpful and informative, and the hands-on approach is incomparable. I have learned the basics as well as advanced methods to incorporate with my own system and background of approaching fitness. All while improving my own fitness and flexibility. WFA has been the beginning of the best career choice for me and a way to come out of my shell and pursue my passion.”

-Clinton J.

“My instructor was a pleasure to work with because she brought out my full potential. I loved her energy, positivity and ability to educate at any time. She was very knowledgeable which made me feel comfortable asking her a variety of questions. The staff here is very professional, polite and always helpful when I need assistance. The office staff is the main reason I came to WFA because they were very supportive and called me to follow up with my decision to enroll. If I have a question regarding course work, workouts etc. they always found the answers and got back to me in a prompt manner.”

-Nadia M.

“I loved everything about it, my teacher was great and I learned a lot of things that I thought I already knew. I have already recommended this program to 3 people and even though I am not looking to pursue career in personal training this is still a very valuable program for anyone who is into fitness and bettering themselves.”

-Josh V.

“I liked my experience at WFA a great deal. They successfully taught me what I need to know to be a good personal trainer and in the future I plan to continue my education with them.”

-Rene C.

“Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the 30 hour personal training course. It renewed my interest and enthusiasm for the fitness industry. I appreciate the knowledge and skill set the course provided me.”

-Rhoda C.

“WFA changed the whole way I look at fitness. I came here right out of military thinking I knew everything about fitness but WFA opened my eyes.”

-Adam B.

“My overall experience was a great learning experience. I learned lots of new skills that I am going to use with my future clients. Now I can truly say that I am a certified personal trainer.”

-Querold R.

“It’s a wonderful learning experience. I enjoyed working my “glutes” off on the floor with an awesome trainer. I loved the ideas, the friends I have made, and the idea of me being able to teach what I know. The studio is great and I would love to upgrade my certification later on.”

-Kelvin N.

“I love it and learned so much in this school!!! Thank You so much! P.S. Anytime I think about getting more info this is the first place I wanna go back to! I love the atmosphere, positive energy, experience that brings me memories! And motivating people motivate me to get creative. Everything in this school makes sense! Great team. Great job.”

-Veronika M.

“I enjoyed my experience a lot. I will be coming back for more boot camps and certifications in the future. The environment is very welcoming and motivating and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.”

-Nicolas V.

“This was a great experience. It has helped me to take my knowledge of fitness to another level. I have learned so much about flexibility, circuit training, use of different equipment for full body workouts. This info will also help me to take my running to another level. Great instructor, very personable, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Great classmates as well.”

-Elexcy M.

“Overall I feel this was an excellent course which has taught me more about my overall health and to encourage others. I would recommend this school to family and friends. I also will come back to do group fitness to further my career. The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly. Love them!!”

-Kimberly B. (120 Hour Graduate)

“I learned a lot here! The bootcamps beat me up and improved my cardio. I learned many practical techniques in training with clients. I gained experience in multiple ways of training. The teachers were very friendly! I enjoyed my experience here very much and am confident knowing what I know to be the best trainer I can be!”

-Giovanni F.

“My overall experience at WFA was great. I felt that it was a warm atmosphere that fostered a great learning experience. I honestly learned a great deal of valuable information that will help me to develop and become a successful trainer.”

-Walter F.

“I was definitively satisfied with the training and overall lesson. I can’t wait to hit the ground running.”

-Ray B.

“It has been a wonderful experience allowing me to test my ability and learn how to get involved in a life changing career. This course gave me the opportunity to find new friends, focus on learning and enhance my physical and mental shape. Thank you.”

-Judy W.

“I am very happy to have taken this course. I have learned lots of new exercises that I can perform and also use in my new venture. I have also learned muscle parts that will be helpful in speaking with clients. Nutrition side also has been very helpful.”

-Marcelina R.

“My instructor was awesome! She was extremely helpful and always answered questions thoroughly. Her workouts were extremely creative and I learned a lot of new exercises. I really enjoyed being with a group of people who shared the same passion for help and fitness. The entire staff was also very nice and helpful!”

-Marykate D.

“I had a great time and sincerely looked forward to each class, especially the boot camps. I’ve picked up so much more information and diversity with exercises then I thought I would. My instructor was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, well spoken and patient. He was a pleasure to learn from and I don’t have any negative feedback on his instruction or the school.”

-Lauren H.

“Loved the program! It was perfect for me, and I took advantage of every second. I would have felt a little better if I felt everyone in my class was on the same page as far as knowing and practicing proper form and technique. I’m sorry they did not pass the course but they were not 100% ready. Other than that, for those giving it 110%, it was awesome!!”

-Dani G.

“I loved the way the classes, workout and feedback were organized. I am the type of person that has to understand things in order to learn, and I found that with this 5 week course. I learned about a lot of little things that sometimes we don’t take into consideration and in the end they make a big difference (position, speed of exercises, breathing, etc.) I have to confess that I called several times and also heard a lot about WFA and asked for a lot of information but never made the decision for lack of time, maybe shyness, distances… but now I am so glad of the results and I will recommend you guys every time I can.”

-Jholenne C.

“I loved my overall experience. Everyone at WFA was always very helpful and caring. My instructor was awesome, I love her workouts. She kept me entertained at all times, not one of her workouts was boring.”

– Nicole P.

“My overall experience was great. I wish I had started at WFA before I invested in books for other certifications, which I ended up not using. I wish the course could have been a little longer because there is still so much to learn.”

-Sharon M.

“I thought it was amazing! The staff is very caring and personable. I really appreciate the extra time my instructor took to speak with me privately and bolster my confidence. It truly feels like family here. I’m seriously considering taking the longer course as I begin to seek work at a gym.”

-Adam I.

“This was something I wanted and needed for a long time. I am truly satisfied with the choice I made to come here, versus other choices I had. Hands on interraction was the ideal way for me. The class size made it more personal and ideal.”

-Seth N.

“Since we have only 30 hours, I feel what was taught was appropriate. My overall experience was excellent. Learning and meeting new people helps with becoming more comfortable with opening up to clients.”

-Raeehim T.

“My overall experience was really great… I enjoy the class, my instructor was very knowledgeable, funny, etc. I learned lots of hands on techniques, made new friends, got in better shape and gained the confidence that I needed to starting working right away… I will recommend this program to everyone that wants to start a career in health and wellness.”

-Jacqueline A.

“It was awesome, everyone was friendly, great vibe.”

-Jarred A.

“I feel very well about my time here.”

-Nicole M.

“It was very refreshing and knowledgeable. Great instructors. I really learned a lot. Everybody was friendly and nice. Clean and professional environment. I’m very satisfied with what I learned.”

-Michael H.

“My overall experience was great. I met great people, learned great things, and learned ways to apply my love of fitness to other peoples’ lives.”

-Niko P.

“I loved the workouts in the beginning. I learned a variety of training methods and exercises. Everyone who works here was very helpful.”

-Corey L.

“It was a great experience. Love the atmosphere, I would recommend this to someone who loves to exercise, and wants to become an effective personal trainer.”

-Remington S.

“It was a good experience, I felt the positive energy, I learned how to train myself and help others. It helped me to improve my physical condition.”

-Yolanda B.

“I had the best time of my life, if I had to do it again, I am ready.”

-Yves Junior L.

“I loved what I experienced, and enjoyed the workouts. It was helpful. My instructor was very proficient in her work. Great energy, good people.”

-Michael B.

“I like the fact that they let you experience a workout before you decide to take the course to get certified. It let me see if I was physically ready and can show clients that I went through workouts and have the hands on experience. The PT instructors taught us what we need to know to go out and get a job as a personal trainer. The instructors also have creative workouts and help you with using it.”

-Freddy V.

“My experience at WFA has been amazing. I learned a lot throughout the course that will benefit me a lot in my personal training career.”

-Reuben L.

“I wanted to make a change in my future. I was scared at first. I enjoyed this experience so much. Now I want to continue my education here.”

-Anita H.

“I had an amazing experience here at WFA. I feel now that I am well instructed and prepared to be a well rounded trainer. The knowledge I have received here has been extremely beneficial to me. I now have a whole new perspective on personal training.”

-Ricardo A.

“I feel like I got everything I was looking for in this course. Welcoming staff and challenging bootcamps.”

-Zachary A.

“Best class I’ve ever taken, looking forward to future classes.”

-Michael S.

“I enjoyed my experience here and always looked forward to coming to class. I always left in a better mood.”

-David F.

“Overall I feel good about my experience here. Although it was quick, it was as thorough as it could be with workouts and information. I feel prepared to train clients and gain other certifications in the near future.”

-Elicia C.

“My overall experience was great. I learned a lot of new exciting workouts. The instructor was helpful. He brought a lot of energy and was well organized.”

-Jorge G.

“I thought the course was very informative and provided a firm foundation of knowledge. The bootcamps with Billy were great and provided new, creative skills to use with clients. I loved having a turn teaching the bootcamp workout and think more opportunities like this would only enhance the confidence in other future trainers.”

-Brianna H.

“Had a great time. I feel stronger and so much more knowledgeable. I feel confident in myself and that I can teach others what I’ve been taught. My instructor was amazing and very creative. It’s always great to learn new things.”

-Stephanie P.

“Overall, my experience here at WFA was an interesting and great learning opportunity. My overall fitness level has gradually improved and I have also expanded my workout routine. Learned many different and creative exercises that I may use to instruct and train other people into getting fit and healthy. Overall, really great learning experience and career opportunity.”

-Marcelo F.

“From the hello at the door to the butt kicking boot camps, it was always a pleasure. My only regret is living so far and being unable to make more classes!!”

-Will H.

“Easily one of the best experiences of my life. Every employee here has been amazing. Extremely organized, helpful, patient, and above all, knowledgeable. My issue before I began was taking what I could easily explain to myself and finding the confidence and knowledge to break it down for someone else. The practical part of this course was by far my favorite. Being able to be hands on before it’s my actual job, and fix my rough edges was what I found most beneficial. My instructor was phenomenal and the type of trainer I definitely aspire to be like. He was very detailed and serious but also but also extremely fun and creative.”

-Kristine L.

“World Fitness Association and my instructor put together an amazing experience that I feel will change my life for the best. I learned knowledge that I can put into my everyday life, while getting an outstanding education and awareness of physical fitness and its benefits. The only bad thing about the course is graduating! The whole experience very fun and educating.”

-Markus G.

“I enjoyed the experience here, it broadened my knowledge and also reassured me on things that I had known and not known and also kept me fit in doing so. I would recommend it to others and hope to come back for the group fitness program. Thanks to all you guys for the support, I really appreciate it.”

-James F.

“Awesome experience. I learned that being fit is so much more than the amount of weight you can lift. The bootcamps kicked my butt but made me stronger both physically and mentally. My instructor was great and always took the time to answer every single question even after staying late. All instructors pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and keep going. I’ll be back for more classes for sure.”

-Elijah S.

“It was a really good experience. I’ve learned a lot from the short span of time I was here. Being more creative with workouts, learning interesting things about the body.”

-William M.

“ I had a great experience in this course. I learned a lot and appreciate the content and organization of the course.”

-Rose B.

“I enjoyed my overall experience. I was able to actually learn material that wouldn’t have stuck without hands on training.”

-Alexandra C.

“My experience at WFA was more than I could have expected. I actually looked forward to coming to each and every class. My instructor created an awesome hands on experience. I would recommend this course and this instructor to anyone that shows an interest in becoming a personal trainer.”

-Aileen B.

“It was great. I have no complaints. Great workouts, great teaching, great material. I enjoyed workouts, and I have many dynamic exercises to use when I start working.”

-Michelle G.

“My overall experience at WFA was great. I enjoyed learning different exercises and learning how I can help my clients using a variety of equipment. WFA has really prepared me for dealing with clients because I now feel like I know what to expect in a training environment.”

-Eric J.

“I’ve loved my experience here at WFA. It’s been nothing but fun, and a good learning experience. My instructor was the best. Overall I’ve had a great time and great experience.”

-Prince R.

“It has been wonderful. My instructor was amazing and so knowledgeable and fun. Nothing but really nice people who make you feel welcome.”

-Wayne E.

“Honestly, I loved it, kind of wish it was a little longer, overall great education. Glad I did this rather than the online seminars/courses.”

-Carlos L.

“I am so glad I was surfing craigslist the day I found this place, LOL! I feel prepared and confident. Look forward to the future!”

-Asha M.

“I really like it, it exceeded my expectations, I learned a lot.”

-Kristina D.

“Wonderful experience. I will be pursuing a career and lifestyle change thanks to this course. Very informative, learned a lot. Great instructors! Awesome workouts!”

-Jeremie M.

“Like a family , our instructor made everyone comfortable and was excellent instructing the boot camp. She showed enthusiasm, creativity, and made the time go by so quickly, really push your body to the limit. I never cared for cardio type work, but now I am starting my own business incorporated with P/T as well. Thank you.”

-Dominique B.

“I honestly enjoyed it thoroughly. My instructor was really helpful and loving. I am very pleased with my experience. I learned a massive amount about myself and others. The staff was always very welcoming! I feel ready to train on my own and know that I can always come back and feel welcomed.”

-Mary B.

“I would recommend this course to others! It was extremely beneficial and an amazing experience! Although I had some background coming in, a lot of things that were not clear to me are much more understanding! My teacher was awesome and my overall experience was a blessing. I’m thankful for being able to have this experience that will last a lifetime! I really admire the hands on activities and class sessions where I was able to interact and learn with my classmates! A lot of information was much more understandable after taking this course and having some background information. Thank you!”

-Thelmarcia W.

“I honestly enjoyed my experience. It really gave me a great deal of knowledge I did not know before. A lot of things I thought about working out that were true to me ended up being false. My instructor was awesome. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone and I thank them for my experience.”

-Jonathan M.

120 HR PT Graduates:

“It was a great experience. From the first day you walk in the staff makes you feel like right at home. Everyone is health conscious and are always looking to help everyone out.”

-Anour Farahi

“I personally feel that my experience here @ WFA was one of the best choices that I have made in my life. I would like to give recognition to Luz, she inspired me and made this course 10x more creative and exciting, opened my eyes to a new way of training. I think having different group fitness instructors is good yet does make group fitness a little confusing where as in the PT.120 hour course having different instructors was very beneficial. My only recommendation is that there are more jump rope sizes for the “vertically challenged”. This was an amazing experience. I will miss you all! PS. Nutrition was awesome! Smiles @ the front are always a plus”

-Lydia Ward

“I feel that I actually know more about why the exercises I do are effective, and why what I’ve been taught to eat has helped in proper and fast recovery. Though I’ve benefited from all aspects, the Nutrition and Anatomy portion actually explained the physical portions in a way that made my understanding of exercise well rounded.”

-Dion Shaw

“I tried to complete a Personal Training course in the past but stopped because I felt I needed more of a hands-on approach. I was very pleased that I found WFA. Now I’ve accomplished a goal of mine and became a Personal Trainer. Thank You!”

-Grace DeRose

“Great place to be certified from. Thank you all for everything you do to make these classes available and fun. Hope and Luz are excellent instructors. Nick is awesome. Great attitude. Justin is the best in what he does. Attentive to each of us. Dr. Nate is the best too! He made his class fun and easy to follow.”

-Linda Rabah

30 HR PT Graduates:

“I feel super motivated! This is something that I wanted to do years ago. Hope was incredible; she is knowledgeable in every aspect of the course, great communication skills and I was amazed with all that she knows about this industry.”

– Milagros Arate

“My overall experience at WFA was more than I expected, in regards to all of the hands on practical teaching that I was taught. The course material was fairly easy and simplistic for the 30 hr.PT course. However overall the entire experience left a lasting impression on me.”

-Quintis Reese

“My overall experience at WFA was great. As an athlete, I thought I was in very good shape.WFA pointed out weaknesses that needed attention. The information was informative. Learned many new things. Was made clear on the information that I was previously unsure about. Hope had detailed answers for every question asked, she was patient and fun to be around. Hope is GREAT!!!”

-Shane Adams

“Overall I had a great time in class. I got whipped into shape, learned a bunch of new concepts. Our trainer really pushed us to the limit, and he kept things interesting. I am now implementing everything I have learned in class in my workouts, and I’m looking better every week. Billy built a relationship with the class and made it enjoyable to work hard. I thank everyone at WFA for the opportunity of a lifetime to help other people.”

-Andre white

“Everything was really great. WFA staff was very professional and courteous. The payment plan was affordable and flexible. Billy was an excellent teacher. Not only was he very informative, creative and knowledgeable, he was also personable and friendly. The other students were awesome as well and while I learned a great deal of information, it didn’t feel like a stuffy classroom situation. Overall excellent!”

-Gregory St.Clair

“My overall experience at WFA was better than I expected. From day one I was hyped about where this knowledge would take me. Now here at the last days I will miss Tues. and Thurs. workouts.”

-Toney Twitty

“I couldn’t imagine the course being any better than it was. Roy was very clear on everything and made sure we all understand everything before going further in teaching, leaving no one behind. BEST CLASS EVER! I will definitely be recommending this course to everyone I know, and I am proud to say I attended it!”

-Danielle Fitzsimmons

“Insightful in the regard that there is so much more to being a personal trainer then just lifting weights. Very educational and helpful in the long run.”

-Zach Romano

“I think that WFA is a great place. Everyone here is very friendly. The staff and the students were very motivating. I think it’s fun being around people that have the same interests. Roy always kept us thinking. He was also a big guy for punishment. He taught us how to be accountable for our actions so that it will benefit us in the long run. I love WFA.”

-Breonna Beck

“It was a great overall experience! The course, management and instructors are very passionate. I would definitely recommend WFA to anybody that wants to pursue a career in fitness.”

-George Pantoja

“I learned so much information about anatomy and physiology and about nutrition, and how to work out properly. I am extremely excited about moving forward and starting my career as a Personal Fitness Trainer.”

-Alex Desir

“It was awesome, especially the PT. session. I’m really kind of lazy when it comes to workouts or exercising the legs, but I always looked forward to PT. session, and now I like working out legs and look forward to it. Overall good experience. Thanks.”

-Roberto Alvarado

“Very motivated because I will become a trainer to help others and that was one of mine biggest dreams, so I am very happy to get one step closer to my success. And I am grateful to the PT. instructor because I learned a lot of new stuff to help others and take care of yourself with health and motivation. Thank You.”

-Josean Ramos

“My overall experience was the best. Workout was real good, miss it when I didn’t have class and learned a lot of new workouts, ways of doing the workout right, people helping me when working out and the class work. Learned a lot and happy to have been trained by World Fitness Association. Thank You!”

-Rene Lastra

“I loved my experience here! I took the 30 hour course and I feel ready to start training others! I loved the boot camps because it offered hands on routines and ideas that u can pass on to your clients. It definitely helps you to realize what level you would have clients perform different drills based off of your own personal results. Definitely a gut check to your own fitness level! My trainer ROCKED! Luz is the best! And-can do pushups w/a breeze!”

-Shunte Thomas

“I really enjoyed my experience at WFA and I plan on coming back in the near future for more advanced courses.”

-Jamere Rogers

“I loved everything. The pace of the course,the class length, the staff, the workouts and the information was all terrific. I feel this certification is much better than any of the book/online exam certifications because there are things you can pick up and learn from the course and experienced instructors/staff that you wouldn’t otherwise pick up until you actually start training and experience it yourself. Overall it was great and the money was well worth it!”

-Timothy Chaffin

“Best overall experienced yet to date of learning.”

-Jacque Deas

“It was very fun and educational. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in this career.”

-Matthew Andrade

“Great instructor, great school!!”

-Bibiana Sabogal

“I felt very comfortable taking this course. It was very educational and pushed me without intimidating me. I was very excited to come here every weekend.”

-Jennifer Paice

“Gave me the confidence to train the clients in order to meet their fitness goals. It was an amazing and a fun experience. Thank you, WFA crew.”

-Lilit Kazaryan

“This experience completely changed my overall look on working out. It taught me very specific details about the body and how it needs to be trained in order to see results. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with these people and grow my knowledge. I would 100% recommend this course to my friends.”

-Agustin Rigotti

“Great experience, excited about application of all that I learned. My clients will benefit tremendously from what I learned here. Understanding the limitations of clients and being specific about their program design. Will carry on the philosophy taught at WFA. Thanks.”

-Joel Aratori

“I feel good, it was a great experience, well organized. I feel like the training that I learned here would benefit me on the long run. I also learned a lot about being mentally strong and determined about reaching my goals. This program impacts my life in a positive manner and it prepares me to have a greater impact on many other lives. It was a great course, learned a lot more than expected. Very pleased with the course.”

-Frank Vivacue

“Just amazing, helped me a lot to improve my workout.”

-Marcelo Demunen

“I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I will definitely refer WFA to people looking to be a trainer.”

-Tim Carbia

“It was great! Everything I imagined! Very grateful I took it upon myself to enroll into this course.”

-Kirshner Baptiste

“I loved it. Mainly the Instructor Hope. She was always prepared. Wonderful speaker and one of the greatest teachers excellent in instructing. Hope thank you for your knowledge. I am deeply appreciative for your help throughout these five weeks.”

-Sarah Manescalchi

“It was a great experience. I really looked forward to every class. Hope is very motivating and knowledgeable.”

-Zoraida Mendez

“Great learning experience. Hope is a great instructor.”

-Chris Arroba

“I enjoyed all of it. I feel it was a lot to learn in a little time. But overall I learned so much.”

-Verdell LeVeaux

“Very motivating and inspirational course. Learned more hands on then I ever would from a book. Thank You.”

-James Dadi

“I feel that WFA helped me be more comfortable with my abilities as a personal trainer.”

-John Loeffler

“WFA was an experience I’m glad I took this course. I learned a lot. Increased the exercises I know which will make me a great trainer. Roy taught me a lot, he’s a good teacher. Thanks for the experience and I learned a lot of information I didn’t know 6 months ago. The course is structured very well and kept me very disciplined. I love the format of the course much better than just taking an online test. Very hands on.”

-Raymond Jadusingh

“Great learning experience, everything I learned was new for me from exercising group to fitness knowledge. I have noticed an improvement in my health since I started this workout program.”

-Gustavo Muniz

“I really enjoyed my experience and the time spent in this course. I was excited to come to class every day and I learned a lot more than I intended. I felt it was interactive, well thought out, and definitely prepares you as well as it can in 5 weeks. I wasn’t thrilled that there was a question on our nutrition exam that wasn’t covered until the following chapter. Not a huge deal, but I did promise Roy I would put it on my evaluation. I also wasn’t thrilled that the muscle man didn’t count on our quiz it was so stressed that I put little effort into the other portions of that chapter and focused mainly on that (thinking that was more beneficial point wise). That is technically my fault- but worth mentioning because I strive for perfection- again if I was to make a complaint of any nature- that would be it- but quite honestly, it’s not that serious- I just blame myself: but love! love! love! the class- Loved Roy- learned so much- I will genuinely miss it. Great concept, great job and I’m looking forward to the future career I will have in fitness.”

-Mellissa K. Barrickman

“I had a great time. Learned a lot! Feel ready to take on a position at a gym as a personal trainer. Loved the hands on training. Makes me feel more confident in what I’m doing. Enjoy the fact that I can come back and connect with WFA for guidance and questions.”

-Suanny Morales

“My experience overall was great and exciting. My instructor Ms. Luz was tremendous; she was worth my time and expense for my certification.”

-Santiague Pierre Jr.

“I enjoyed this program a lot and learned new ways to train potential clients. The knowledge I’ve gained has already improved my fitness level and opened my mind to new and creative ideas that will help me in my career as a fitness professional.”

– Angel Montalvo 4/25/12

“The instructor was very informative and organized. The workout portion of the class was very challenging and helped me to realize the creativity that can be implemented in the programs I create for my clients.”

– Orlando Martir 4/25/12

“I loved the bootcamp portion of the classes and learned many new exercises to use in my classes. I love the content of the course and felt it was taught in a professional and thorough manner.”

– Kirsten Morales 3/29/12

“I had a great time with my instructor and with the other students. I found the class to be both professional and fun. I will probably take the nutrition course in the summer.”

– Paul Susca 3/29/12

“My overall experience working towards acquiring my certification with WFA has been nothing but exciting. With lots of professionalism and a great attitude, every instructor and employee of WFA has lived up to WFA’s motto of training their students to be the best.”

– Dina Lewis 3/29/12

“I think this was a great start. I enjoyed coming to every class, it’s just the tip of the iceberg and I am signing up for more classes they have to offer!”

– Stephen Swasey 3/15/12

“I am first and foremost grateful to be a part of this program because it was so professional, everyone was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and nice. From the staff to all the instructors. Ever week was inspiring and uplifting. WFA really gets people ready and gives you the right tools to work with to get you prepared to be the best trainer or fitness minded individual you can be. I also got back in the best shape thanks to my instructor!”

– Monika Rodgriguez 2/15/12

“WFA helped me in many different ways. I learned many new exercises, I was pushed to do things I never thought I would do, my enthusiasm for a fit and better life has increased. Also my desire to help others has increased and I know that thanks to WFA, I have the skills to be a great trainer.”

-Lester Medal 1/12/12

“This was truly an amazing experience. A lot of hard work but definitely worth the time and effort. The knowledge provided in this course is invaluable not only for potential clients but even to implement on a personal level. Of course as a trainer you are the product of your own techniques. I am grateful for this experience, and I hope to be helpful to someone in the very near future. I also hope to be successful in this industry. Additionally, the trainers here are cool and Hope is the best!”

-Chantel Mears 1/12/12

“Hope was a great instructor. I found her fare and tough as a mentor. This course helped me learn a lot of things I was overlooking and I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve been truly inspired by WFA and I am definitely looking to further my certifications.”

–Jason Quinn 1/12/12

“It was a great learning experience. Learning physiology, anatomy, etc. is important, but the hands on experience is just as important. Got the best of both worlds. Learned a lot of techniques and ideas to use for my future clients.”

– Rosa Pezzotti 1/12/12

“I was very unsure if 30 hours would be enough for me to feel comfortable going out as a personal trainer but I am very surprised how prepared I feel. I’m really ready to go out with confidence to sell myself and be creative in the personal training world. Thank you Hope! You are the best!”

–Jeanette Amodio 1/12/12

“AMAZING =) This course offered much more than I had anticipated. Each class started with a challenging bootcamp that focused on what day of training we were on. Luz made every workout challenging but fun. She was well prepared and organized; and offered motivation that carried us to the end. The book work was challenging, interesting, and informative. I felt connected in class to my peers and have made lifelong friends in this short period of time. I can call on anyone of my classmates for idas as I travel into the work field. The material will leave we’ll leave with will always be a resource for me to look back on and halp me grow as a PT.”

– Karyn Johnson 2/8/12

“Walking in to this facility with an open mind has opened my horizons to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Not only has it built my confidence but it has re-shaped my approach and mentality in the field.”

– Jhoel Gaona 2/8/12

“I am so happy I came to WFA. Luz was a joy to learn from, she was through, creative and energetic. I also made great friends and learned a lot through my class mates. Best decision I ever made thus far in life. Thank you for the experience.”

– Maeghan Silvera-Brown 2/8/12

“Overall my experience at WFA was excellent. I learned a great amount of things that I didn’t have a clue about and exercises that I most definitely will be using in the future. Also the workbook made understanding so much easier. Attending WFA was definitely a great choice for me.”

Korrey Hill 12/7/11

“I feel strong, confident and ready to use all the knowledge that I have acquired. The program was very intense and rewarding and I feel like I made the right and best choice by talking my education here.”

Claudia Sepuka-Herbas 10/17/11

“Prior to this class I felt I had a lot of knowledge in personal training and working out. I was surprised at how much I learned. I now feel confident that I can come up with an intense workout for a client without preparation. The boot camp workouts showed me exercises that I did not know existed. My instructor was extremely intelligent and helpful. I give this course an A+.”

Adam Harper 10/17/11

“I had such a great experience at WFA. The course instructor was fantastic, I really learned a lot from him. I am very satisfied with WFA and I want to continue my education here. Thanks to WFA I will bring out the best in myself and others by leading my clients with a positive and uplifting attitude!!”

Nadhia Post 9/15/11

“I enjoyed all WFA had to offer! The instructors and staff were nice and friendly and made me feel very welcomed. The workouts were really great for my overall fitness and also taught me how to run a bootcamp or circuit. I had a great learning experience here, thank you WFA.”

Jon Pelletier 9/1/11

“One of the most uplifting, career boosting, positive things I’ve done for myself in the past decade! I owe all my thanks and gratitude to my friends, family, and the great people of WFA.”

Joey Ackerman 8/29/11

“I feel this is the best set up for getting into the personal training business. It was well worth the time I invested and I look forward to utilizing the tools provided.”

Victoria Burnham 8/6/11

“This course was an excellent learning experience for me. I looked forward to the workouts every weekend. Everyone here has been very nice and helpful. It was great coming to such a positive atmosphere. The information given was well-organized and easy to understand. My instructor was a pleasure to work with, he always had a smile on his face and made the classes a lot of fun. He explained the content in an easy-to-understand manner and was always prepared. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Cristina Moros 8/6/11

“It was a great hands on experience to help get me moving and motivated in the path of my career. The workouts and instructors were great and helped challenge my conditioning. I’m glad I took the opportunity.”

George Cruz III 7/18/11

“Overall, my experience at WFA was very beneficial. Coming in, I had a lot of knowledge in strength training but lacked in other areas. After going through this course I feel prepared to train almost any client.”

Brandon Long 7/7/11

“It was awesome, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot throughout my experience here. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a personal trainer.”

Yordano Rodriguez 5/25/11

“My overall experience at WFA was positive. I have become familiar with many training methods and developed a better understanding of the role of a personal trainer. I feel I am now ready to take off in a career in fitness!”

Tod Mancini 5/25/11

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at WFA and felt that it has brought me from being a mere fitness enthusiast to a fitness professional. I have grown both physically and mentally! I hope to take the 120 course in the future.”

Cynthia Duffield 4/19/11

“I had a great experience at WFA, I learned a lot of new things especially how to use different types of equipment such as stability balls, resistance bands, etc., and I really enjoyed the boot camps. The energy of my classmates really inspired me and the instructor was so knowledgeable and passionate for fitness making me reassured that I chose the right career.”

Andres Montiel 4/19/11

“The name speaks for itself. The hands on training knocks every other PT certification out of the box. WFA challenges your mental and physical outlook. When you complete this course, you’re ready to work. I received a call for a job interview before I complete the final exam, concerning a personal training position. WFA truly cares and will follow through with their word.”

Deandre McKinnie 3/31/11

“WFA opened my eyes to not only just working as a personal trainer but to also become a future business owner and have a career. This was a great experience for me and I believe that WFA got me motivated and back on track with life. Thank you guys.”

Jonathan Gomes 3/23/11

“My overall experience with WFA was great. I knew a lot already, but my instructor was very helpful in giving me something new each day. I tried other accredited certification courses and they were extremely boring and did not hold my interest at all. The hands on experience I received from WFA was a lot of fun and helpful at the same time.”

Tyler Everett 3/20/11

“I loved my experience at WFA. It has been a while since I felt a family type class setting. I do believe the instructors had a lot to do with the firm but warm environment that was experienced. I have learned so much that my training lifestyle is changed forever.”

Efrain Figueroa 3/20/11

I am extremely happy that I chose to get my certification here at WFA. The outline and design of both the “in class” and “out of class” education has helped me already and will help my clients as well. I have learned a tremendous amount of exercise variations that I know will impress my clients. Incorporating new equipment and ideas is important and I received a lot of that knowledge. Throughout the course, the instructor was knowledgeable, helpful, and personable which made me love coming to class! His workouts challenged my ability (exercise) and I loved it! Overall, I would undoubtedly recommend this course, it’s great!