The Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Program

The Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program is a self-paced 30 hour hands-on training course

Students have the ability to start at any time. Four online sections and worksheets must be completed prior to being eligible to attend the CPT Segments listed below. These segments can be completed in any order (A-J is recommended). All 10 Segments must be completed before starting the Graduation Phase. Students have 90 days to complete the CPT Program in its entirety.

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Segments:

A. Trainer Responsibilities & Components of Physical Fitness
B. Human Anatomy, Exercise Physiology & Orthopedic Concerns
C. Applied Kinesiology & Body Mechanics
D. Weight Room Fundamentals & Spotting Techniques
E. Portable Equipment Training
F. Modern Nutrition & Lifestyle Management
G. Energy Systems & Cardiovascular Endurance Guidelines
H. Movement Assessments & Fitness Evaluations
I. Program Design
J. Course Review & Exam Preparations

Graduation Phase:

1. Practical Exam

2. Guest Day Exam

3. Final Written Exam

4. The Business of Personal Training


- Plan A: $795 – Paid in Full – $200 deposit to receive pre-course study materials
- Plan B: Payment Plan – $400 down with two (2) scheduled payments of $225
- Plan C: Pay As You Go – $200 down – $75 per segment (10 segments)

Tuition includes:
- Access to the WFA Blackboard website
- WFA Personal Training Manual
- Drawstring bag
- WFA personal trainer shirt
- Open access to training facility
- WFA CPT Certificate
- Job placement assistance

CPT Grading Scale:

Worksheets – 100
Participation – 100
Practical Exam – 200
Guest Day Exam – 300
Final Written Exam – 300

Total Points Possible: 1,000