Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Workshops

Intensive 2 day hands-on training courses administered in major cities around the country.

Pre-course Study Materials 

Once registered, students receive access to specific course information along with corresponding worksheets. All 4 pre-course worksheets are to be turned in on the first day of the CPT Workshop.

Day 1

Trainer Responsibilities & Scope of Practice

Instructional Techniques & Motivational Tactics

Human Anatomy & Exercise Physiology

Applied Kinesiology

Common Injuries & Orthopedic Concerns

Modern Nutrition & Lifestyle Management 

Energy Systems

Health Screening & Fitness Evaluations 

Cardiovascular Endurance Training Guidelines 

Strength Training Fundamentals 

Program Design & Weight Room Training I

Day 2

Program Design & Weight Room Training II

Portable/Functional Equipment Training

The Business of Personal Training 

Course Review & Exam Preparation

Practical Exams 

Grading Scale

100 – Participation

100 – Pre-course Worksheets

300 – Practical Exams

300 – Online Final Exam completed within 5 days 

A minimum 640 out of the 800 total points must be earned (80%) to successfully pass the CPT Workshop. Digital certificates are issued within 48 hours following successful completion on the Online Final Exam. Hard copies of certificates will be received within 5-7 days.

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Register Here: https://world-fitness-association.myshopify.com/collections/certification-courses