Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Workshops

Intensive 2 day hands-on training courses administered in major cities around the country.

Day 1:

Trainer Responsibilities & Scope of Practice
Instructional Techniques & Motivational Tactics
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Applied Kinesiology
Common Injuries & Orthopedic Concerns

Modern Nutrition & Lifestyle Management
Energy Systems
Health Screening & Fitness Evaluations
Cardiovascular Endurance Training Guidelines
Strength Training Fundamentals
Program Design & Weight Room Training I

Day 2:

Program Design & Weight Room Training II
Portable/functional Equipment Training I (resistance bands, stability, bosu, medicine balls, sliders, agility ladders, etc.)

Course Review & Exam Preparation
Practical Exams
Written Exams
The Business of Personal Training (waiver forms, obtaining liability insurance, tax information, job interview tips, approaching prospective clients, pricing and packaging training sessions, marketing strategies, social media tips, etc.)