Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Workshops

Intensive 2 day hands-on training courses administered in major cities around the country.

Pre-course Study Materials 

Once registered, students receive access to specific course information along with corresponding worksheets. All 4 pre-course worksheets are to be turned in on the first day of the CPT Workshop.

Day 1

Trainer Responsibilities & Scope of Practice

Instructional Techniques & Motivational Tactics

Human Anatomy & Exercise Physiology

Applied Kinesiology

Common Injuries & Orthopedic Concerns

Modern Nutrition & Lifestyle Management 

Energy Systems

Health Screening & Fitness Evaluations 

Cardiovascular Endurance Training Guidelines 

Strength Training Fundamentals 

Program Design & Weight Room Training I

Day 2

Program Design & Weight Room Training II

Portable/Functional Equipment Training

The Business of Personal Training 

Course Review & Exam Preparation

Practical Exams 

Grading Scale

100 – Participation

100 – Pre-course Worksheets

300 – Practical Exams

300 – Online Final Exam completed within 5 days 

A minimum 640 out of the 800 total points must be earned (80%) to successfully pass the CPT Workshop. Digital certificates are issued within 48 hours following successful completion on the Online Final Exam. Hard copies of certificates will be received within 5-7 days.

Recent Student Reviews:

The instructor was great. I would love to continue my education with him and recommend this course to anyone. It was a great experience and I would pay to take the course again. Great program and great instructor. Keep up the good work. -Bonex F.

Roy was a great instructor. He was very knowledgeable on the information that he provided us. I learned a lot in the two day course that I didn’t know before. This is knowledge that I will use in my personal workouts to better myself and implement these techniques in my workouts for my future clients as a personal trainer. Overall, I had a great experience with WFA and this program has been very helpful in starting my fitness career. – Tim M.

My experience was fantastic. My instructor was informative, punctual, and hands-on. I enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to become certified as a trainer. Complete professionalism from start to finish. I will continue to expand my fitness knowledge with Workshops provided by WFA.   –Brian J.

I enjoyed the course very much and my instructor, Roy, was very attentive and great at answering and explaining questions when it came to us not understanding specific things. The experience was great and should be longer because of the fact that it is so much information but was extremely informational and organized.   –Ana S.

The last 2 days I was able to learn so much that I will be able to use in my fitness journey as a trainer. I feel more confident on everything I was able to learn in the classroom. Now I feel more ready, prepared and educated on not just training part, but also the body, muscles, nutrition, and also the business part of personal training. Very grateful for this experience.  -Sondy C.

I thought it was great. Roy was very helpful and he explained a lot of things that I was unsure about. He broke things down in a way that was very helpful as he was very knowledgeable. He was engaging and there wasn’t a time I was bored.  –Alexis A.

I have nothing negative to say about this course but Roy was extremely patient with me and that’s a workout. He made this experience momentous for me. I came in with doubts and he cleared that thought right out of my head. He was so informed and made it great! Thanks Roy and World Fitness for choosing a great instructor.  –Henry A.

My overall experience was great. I have learned a lot about personal training that will be very beneficial in my fitness journey and career. Roy was outstanding!  –Ashley M.

I had an amazing experience and it was a lot of information that was explained in a way that I could understand! Roy was very knowledgeable and made sure that we had a full understanding of the material! -Jennifer P.

Roy provided great real world information that we can use in our daily real world PT lives. I’m hoping this info will be put to good use soon! Thanks again for a great 2 days!  -Dana A.